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How Can We Help You?

Swing by and check out our full retail space. We've got a plethora of house made products both smoked and unsmoked alike. Full selection of fresh and frozen cuts of meat.


There is no such thing as strange or large requests, we've got your back! Wholesale Info


A great way to feed a group of people. Food is also theatre, and there are few ways greater than a pig roast to create that theatre.


Not wild about hog? We have plenty of other options for our event roasters, beyond the hog!  More Info

We know that cooking a pig can be a big time commitment. If you want all the BBQ action without the commitment, let us cook for you! Smokehouse Delights


If you have raised an animal, or harvested one from the wild, we can help.


We will process & package your goods professionally to your specifications. We are also equiped to make you a variety of sausages, smoked and fully cooked products. 

Custom fees

Fresh Sausage List

Smoked Sausage List

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